For adventure seekers, ecotourism is the best path to explore different ecosystems while learning about the history and culture of the Island.

Places To Go Magazine features adventures to get in contact with nature in different points of the Island. There are experiences for any budget or interest. If your passion is riding horses or exploring the off road in an ATV you can find options in Luquillo and Río Grande. If your choice is simply take a quiet hike up El Yunque National Forest or any other protected ecosystem we share the list of tropical forest reserves on the Island.

In Puerto Rico all beaches are public by law. Some beaches are government administered facilities while most property is open and accessible to the public any time. There are beaches for almost any type of sport activity and then simply for observation. Check the list of water adventures, public beaches and the hidden beaches in the following pages. Make sure you pack sun lotion, sunglasses and drink plenty of liquids. Enjoy your beach day and please take only pictures and leave only your footprints.

Mountain Adventures

Self Guided Trails 

Los Angelitos Trail, El Yunque National Forest, Río Grande

Driving on Road #191 to El Yunque make a left on Road #988, right after El Portal Visitors Center. On Road #988 drive 4 km passing the bridge. On the right side is the sign for the Los Angelitos Trail. The trail is an easy 20 minute hike for the whole family. There is a huge natural pool at the end to swim in clean, pure water from El Yunque.

Guánica Dry Forest Trail

El Bosque Seco de Guánica is a United Nations International Biosphere Reserve. To reach the park facilities coming from the town of Guánica via Road #116 take Road #334 and drive all the way into the forest. From the visitors center, take a map and plan your hike to the Ballena Trail. This trail is around a mile long and ends at Road #333. Halfway down the trail you can see the Guayacán Centenario, a 700 year old native tree of the Caribbean. 

There are other more advanced trails to choose from. For all the trails, take plenty of water with you and good hiking shoes. Avoid the heat by starting your hike early in the morning. Enjoy bird watching and abundant vegetation that is aptly adapted to the dry coastal climate. 

Punta Guilarte Peak

Reaching the Guilarte Forest in Adjuntas is part of the adventure. To get the forest, take Puerto Rico Scenic Route #518 out of the town of Adjuntas. Upon reaching the forest ranger station, turn on Road #131. The entrance of the trail is to the right passing a private property. Right in front there is a rustic BBQ restaurant serving chicken, ribs, rice and viandas (boiled root vegetables). 

The trail is for intermediate to advanced hikers and takes around 40 minutes uphill and 30 minutes downhill through a fantastic palm forest. At the top of the hill, there is a rock promontory to rest, sit down and enjoy the views. On a clear day expect to see all cardinal points of the Islands while breathing pure air.

Public Beaches

Balnearios Públicos

There are beaches on every corner of the Island for all preferences and activities. Go beach hopping from Vieques to Aguadilla with this list of public beaches. A minimal cover charge of $3 per vehicle covers parking and use of showers in most of the facilities. Most beaches open from 8:30 to 5:00pm. They usually close on Monday and Tuesday, except on holidays. Expect empty beaches from Wednesday to Friday and more crowds on weekends over the summer months.


Beach Address Town Location
Playa Flamenco Road #251 Culebra East
Balneario Seven Seas Road #195, Km. 4.8 Fajardo East
Balneario Punta Santiago Road #3, Km 72.4 Humacao East
Balneario Sun Bay Road #997, Esperanza Town Vieques East
Balneario de Isla Verde Road #187, next to SJU Airport Carolina Metro
El Escambron Road #25R, Old San Juan San Juan Metro
Balneario Punta Salinas Road #868 Toa Baja Metro
Balneario Manuel “Nolo” Morales Road #697 Dorado North
Balneario La Monserrate Road #193 Luquillo North
Balneario Cerro Gordo Road #690 Vega Alta North
Balneario Punta Guilarte Road #3, Km, 126 Arroyo South
Balneario Caña Gorda Road #333, Km. 2 Guánica South
Balneario Tres Hermanos Road #115, Km. 5 Añasco West
Balneario Boquerón Road 101, Boquerón Town Cabo Rojo West


Tropical Forest Reserves

Bosques Estatales

National forest reserves are representative of the diverse microclimates and ecology available through the Puerto Rico territory. El Yunque National Rainforest, established in 1903, is the only tropical rainforest administered by the U.S. Forest service. Though El Yunque is the largest contiguous reserve on the Island, there are equally important natural areas designated and national patrimony protected from development. These areas include karst zone forest canopy, dry forest and dense coastal mangroves that area sanctuary to endemic species and fantastic recreational areas for hiking and getting up close with nature. 


National Forest Town Ecology Location
Bosque Estatal de Guilarte Adjuntas Tropical Forest Central
Bosque Estatal del Pueblo Adjuntas Tropical Forest Central
Bosque Estatal de Carite Cayey Tropical Forest Central
Bosque Estatal Los Tres Picachos Jayuya Tropical Forest Central
Bosque Estatal de Toro Negro Orocovis Tropical Forest Central
Bosque Nacional El Yunque Río Grande Tropical Rainforest East
Bosque Estatal de Cambalache Arecibo Northern Karst Zone Forest North
Bosque Estatal de Guajataca Isabela Northern Karst Zone Forest North
Bosque Estatal de Guánica Guánica Dry Coastal Forest South
Bosque Estatal de Aguirre Guayama Mangrove Forest South
Bosque Estatal de Susúa Sabana Grande Dry Inland Forest South
Bosque Estatal de Boquerón Cabo Rojo Wildlife Refuge West
Bosque Estatal de Maricao Maricao Tropical Forest West