Amazing waterfalls in Puerto Rico

The wonders of water from above

Waterfalls have fascinated man for millennia. Some say it’s the soothing sound that hypnotizes our brain, others say it’s the happy feeling that comes from breathing in the positive ions that falling water produces, we say there’s just really cool, especially on hot tropical days. And the good thing is Puerto Rico has plenty of them to explore. Abundant rainfall, steep mountainous interior and hundreds of small streams create spectacular and accessible water cool spots close by. Here’s some that are relatively easy to reach.


Some of these waterfalls are accessed by small trails that can be rocky and slippery. Bring good shoes, pack plenty of water and NEVER go on a very rainy day. With significant rainfall small mountain streams can experience flash floods that arrive without warning. Beware. 

Charco Prieto 

Route 189, Bayamón 

It’s amazing that such an impressive waterfall is so close to the Metro Area. This nearly 200 foot drop is in South Bayamón. Parking is roadside. You get there taking a windy well trodden path through the tropical forest. Calculate about 2-3 hours total back and forth and soaking in the beauty time. 

When you first arrive at the lower pools you’ll have to climb up a small waterfall to access the higher one. Rocks are slippery so watch out. The name of the place Charco Prieto means Dark Pool, probably because of the sediment you find in the water. 

El Yunque Waterfalls full of tropical beauty
Refreshingly beautiful and exotic

El Yunque

There are various waterfalls in this tropical forest reserve. Some are literally roadside while others require some hiking through well maintained mountain trails. 

-La Coca Falls

This 85 foot drop onto a huge rock formation at the bottom is the photo opportunity you’ve been waiting for. 

-La Mina Falls

This 2.3 km trek will take you to an exquisite 35 foot-high waterfall and pool. You’ll feel the urge to jump in and cool off once you see it so dress appropriately. 

-Juan Diego Falls

Technically not part of the reserve but one of the more impressive sights in El Yunque. A couple  of small waterfalls give way to larger ones once you continue to climb up the river. Park along the road around kilometer 10 on Route 191 and look for signs. 

– La Canoa Falls

These falls are on the South side of El Yunque in Naguabo off Route 191 and a hike up the river from Charco El Hippie. (The Hippie Pool) Besides an amazing pool, there’s Taíno petroglyphs inscribed on the huge boulders and some small caves to be explored. Some parking facilities are available. 

Chorro de Doña Juana, Orocovis

This three level waterfall is right next to a bridge on Route 149. You literally have to climb down the bridge to get to the pool where waterfall is. It’s on the Panoramic Route so the drive is almost as interesting as the destination. 

Las Delicias, Ciales

With just a five minute walk you can go from asphalt road to middle earth paradise. It’s a small waterfall that you can see from the road but the peace and tranquility you’ll feel will be huge. As always sneakers are recommended. 

Believe us there are plenty of more waterfalls around the Island. Gozalandia in San Sebastián, Charco el Atúd in Adjuntas are just some of them. Take a beach break and go to one today!

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