Discover New Places

Climb a tropical mountain, swim a crystal clear sea, walk through a dry forest, sit under a waterfall. It’s all possible in Puerto Rico. The tropics are exuberant, a riot of green, the rush of water and thousands of reef fish swimming beneath you. Life is short, the island is small. If you plan well you just might be able to see them all. 

Places to Stay

From hostels to 5 diamond luxury resorts, there’s an option for every desire.  

Beach Restaurant, Friends

Places to Eat

Get ready for unique flavors as soon as you open your mouth in Puerto Rico. You’ll find that the entire Island is full of yummie adventures just waiting to be explored.


Places to Shop

From one of the largest shopping malls in the hemisphere to local craft stores located in historic buildings, Puerto Rico definitely has something to offer to every shopper.

DSC_3089.jpg Toroverde Toro Verde Zipline

Places for Nature and Adventure

There are plenty of Ecotourism offerings in Puerto Rico. Explore the three main ecosystems: rain forest, dry forest and mangrove estuaries.