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One day trip to Culebra

Snorkeling at Flamenco Beach, Cuelbra

One Day Trip to Culebra

Surprise! Puerto Rico isn’t one island, it’sactually a group of many islands, 143 to be exact. There are many surrounding sister islands, each a world of their own. Culebra is a world you shouldn’t miss. It’s full of nature reserves, amazing beaches and very, very good snorkeling spots. And the answer is yes, it’s possible to take a one day trip to Culebra. Once you visit, however, you’ll probably want to spend a whole month.

For those on a tight schedule here are 2 One Day trips to Culebra.

One Day Trip to Culebra- on your own

6:00 am catch the ferry out of Ceiba on the east coast- there’s parking available at the dock. Buy your tickets beforehand at puertoricoferry.com and also reserve a car or UTV to get around. (Carlos Jeep, Jerry’s Jeep or UTV rental). It takes about 45 minutes to get to Culebra but it’s a beautiful journey and you can’t beat the price $2.25. 

Once you arrive find your way to breakfast or if you really want to carpe diem, go straight to Flamenco Beach. Here there are vendors who rent umbrellas, chairs and even sell snorkeling equipment. Get your stuff, walk to the beach and let out a big “Oh my god!” once you see how amazingly beautiful this white-sanded crescent beach is. Soak it all in (you can even make your way to Rosario beach by taking a short hike west for even more amazing snorkeling) 

For lunch, check out the food kiosks at Flamenco. In the afternoon, if you rented a jeep, it’s time to put it to good use. Explore the Island. There’s a small museum or you can drive out to Zoni beach. There are deer living on the Island. If you’re lucky you might even spot one. 

As it gets later, you want to be on the west coast or in the main town, Dewey, to catch the sunset. There are a couple of bars and restaurants that line the canal that will hit the spot. 

Have a couple of beers, chill out and since you bought tickets for the 9:30pm ferry make your way to the dock at least 45 minutes before departure. 

Culebra one day snorkeling tour
A high speed catamaran at Flamenco Beach
One Day trip to Culebra – take me to paradise

This one’s a lot simpler because everything will be taken care of. Go to eastislandpr.com and click on tours and select Culebra snorkeling tour. You can arrange pick up at your hotel or in the metro area and they’ll take you directly to your stable, high speed catamaran and whisk you off to paradise, with lunch and rum drinks included. This 6 hour tour will take you to Flamenco beach or to one of the smaller islands surrounding Culebra, depending on where the best water conditions are. 

No matter which option you choose, take pictures so you can cherish that one day you went to paradise and back. 

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