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Puerto Rico is a curious Island

Even though it’s small there are notable geographic differences between the North, South, East and West mostly due to the Central Mountain range and the prevailing Trade Winds. You can explore a rain forest in the east and a dry forest in the southeast. Amazing caverns and sinkholes, dramatic mountains and valleys in the central region and then coastal mangrove estuaries in the south and south east. 

Discover New Places

Climb a tropical mountain, swim a crystal clear sea, walk through a dry forest, sit under a waterfall. It’s all possible in Puerto Rico. The tropics are exuberant, a riot of green, the rush of water and thousands of reef fish swimming beneath you. Life is short, the island is small. If you plan well you just might be able to see them all. 

Explore Diverse Ecosystems

There are plenty of Ecotourism offerings in Puerto Rico. Among the many different ecosystems present on the Island there are three that every visitor should try to experience. First is the interior tropical forests up in the mountains. The quintessential destination is El Yunque Rain Forest. The second is the coastal regions, not just beaches but also mangrove estuaries and the small cays that dot the south coast in particular. The third is the unique dry forest in Guánica, a truly other planet” experience full of cactus, and totally different from tropical expectations. 

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There are different ways of experiencing each of these natural features for any budget or interest. If your passion is riding horses or exploring off-road in an ATV you can find options in Luquillo and Río Grande, close to El Yunque. Check out Hacienda Carabalí, they offer many options. If your choice is simply to take a quiet hike up El Yunque National Forest or any other protected ecosystem we share the list of tropical forest reserves on the Island. Take to the sea in a daysailing catamaran with East Island Excursions. there’s plenty to do and so close by.