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Craft Beer in Puerto Rico

Craft beers and microbreweries in Puerto Rico

Craft Beers in Puerto Rico

Una cerveza fría, por favor

Some historians believe that civilization began when people settled down to brew beer. We believe that they are absolutely right.  If the sophistication of a destination’s beer is a sign of civilization, Puerto Rico is definitely an advanced civilization. The last decade has seen an explosion of nano and micro breweries, beer gardens and craft beer in Puerto Rico. Most feature a tropical, local ingredient twist on this millennia old craft. 

You’ll find Medalla Light, the largest selling local beer just about everywhere and even on the East Coast of the US. It’s a light refreshing beer, ideal for the beach. In terms of variety, every day there’s a new craft beer brewed in Puerto Rico so there’s a high probability you’ll find your new favorite on the Island.

Tap rooms with local beers

But if you’re a truly civilized craft beer vacationer your destination is any of the local tap rooms around the Island. The majority of the craft beers available are local interpretations of classics with a local tropical twist.  Some use coffee beans from the mountains, cacao beans fresh from the farm and many of the tropical fruits such as passion fruit and mango that pair amazingly with beer. Zurc Brewery even makes a craft beer using Pan de Agua bread from local Panaderías, their commendable contribution to reducing food waste. 

If you want a quick tour of local craft beers head to El Tap in Loíza Street or La Taberna del Lúpulo in Old San Juan or Taberna Boricua in Hato Rey. Here you can get a great taste of local offerings. When you find your new favorite, make it a point to visit the brewery to sample some more brews.

Mircrobrewery in Caguas Puerto Rico

Microbreweries in Puerto Rico

One of the largest microbreweries is Ocean Lab right on Isla Verde Beach (beach and beer sounds like a good combo… just saying). Others you should check out are Rincon Beer Company in Rincón, FOK Brewery in Caguas, Cold Blood in Quebradillas, Beer Box in Aguadilla, Papa Rupe in Ponce and Boquerón Brewing Company in Cabo Rojo among others.  

Get out, explore the beach, explore the beer and savor the best that modern civilization has to offer with a cold one in Puerto Rico. 

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