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Best beaches expedition part 1

North Coast beach

Part 1- Best beaches north coast beaches

Puerto Rico has seasons believe it or not. We are not talking about the typical northern hemisphere winter and spring, rather more Caribbean seasons. Sure, the temperature swing is just 15 degrees on average but there are other things that change noticeably, like the beaches in summer in Puerto Rico. That’s why it’s time for a best beaches expedition.

The main difference between summer and winter is the size of the waves. In the colder months winter storms that cross the Atlantic generate large waves that make their way down to Puerto Rico. The northern and western coast receive most of the force. This creates great surfing opportunities but make the beaches dangerous for swimming and snorkeling. 

Summer is a different story. The big swells are gone, and suddenly many north coast beaches become paradises for snorkeling and swimming.  

Balneario de Cerro Gordo
Balneario de Cerro Gordo off PR 693 is another north coast beach to explore

Where to go for your best beach expedition?

There are many options so the best choice is to explore on your best beach expedition. a great beach route is PR-686 that runs along the north coast of Vega Baja, west of San Juan. It’s close by and full of possibilities. Take this route and when you see a beach you like where you can park along the road, do it. It’s that simple. All beaches on the island are public by law so you don’t have to worry about trespassing. Make sure you packed a lunch and some beverages. Bring sunblock, beach chairs or a towel along with snorkeling gear if you have some. Look for a place where you can lounge under the trees and you’re set. 

Best beaches north coast
One of the beaches you can explore on PR-681

Further west, PR-681 also runs along the coast all the way to Arecibo. This road offers many beach options to discover. There are several rock promontories that create small, crescent shaped inlets that can be of interest both to explore and to swim.

Ask around

Before you head out take some time to explore google maps of the area, particularly the satellite view. It’s a good way to pick the spots you want to visit. Also feel free to ask around for beaches when you stop for refreshments or gas. They can give you a bit of local insights that can make all the difference. 

Metro area beaches

If your favorite sport is people watching, the metro area has four main beaches. Ocean Park, Escambrón Beach, Isla Verde Beach and the Carolina Public Beach. All are excellent, convenient options for a fun day under the sun. Ocean Park, Isla Verde and Carolina feature beach tennis and volleyball as well as kite surfing. Escambrón is a protected beach with great snorkeling reefs right off the shore.  

For Part 2 of our “Best Beach Expedition” we will travel to the West coast. 

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