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Salsa dancing in Puerto Rico

Salsa Dancing in Puerto Rico

Salsa dancing in Puerto Rico

Just like everything else in the Caribbean, salsa dancing is a blend of cultures, influences and styles. The position of the dancers probably came from Spanish Danzón or Spanish ballroom dances of the 19th Century. The movements are more inspired by African influenced percussion. Modern salsa dancing in PUerto Rico combines Cuban Son, Son Montuno, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, and Puerto Rican Bomba and Plena along with Swing and Tap from America. With so many influences it’s no wonder Salsa dancing is one of the most popular dances worldwide. 

In Puerto Rico Salsa dancing and live Salsa bands can be found just about everywhere, particularly in the more “classical” venues where locals go to have a good time. With this in mind we put together a list to get you and your hips started on a Salsa tour. So grab your partner and get ready to bailar the night away!

Salsa lessons

Santurce Salsa Club
Start with a couple of lessons in Condado. Can’t beat beachside salsa…

Viernes de salsa- Isabela
Every Friday they have Salsa at the Public Plaza in the town of Isabela. You can sign up for informal lessons.

Live salsa musica and dancing
El Boricua in Río Piedras, live salsa, jazz and more

Salsa Dancing

Metro Area

Río Piedras
El Boricua- A popular place with the University crowd, they alternate jazz, salsa and latin music

Old San Juan
La Factoría-There’s a room for everything here, from a quiet wine bar to salsa dancing. 

La Terraza de Bonanza-Every Monday they have live Bomba and Plena at this streetside venue. A local hangout.

La Placita
Taberna los Vazquez- Every Friday night, live music on the street can’t be beat

Loíza Street
Piso Viejo-Thursday’s are salsa night 


Don Goyo’s Tacos Place, La Cuna de la Salsa-Live music every day and kareoke on Wednesday

El Pueblito de la Salsa-Live Salsa band every Thursday and Sunday


Otra Cosa
Paseo Cheo Feliciano, one of the many salsa places on this street


On weekends most “lechoneras” (spit roasted pig joints) have live music and there’s a lot of dancing and great food.

We’ve put together just a few select places from the hundreds of possibilities. As you will discover if you take a drive up into the mountains or to popular weekend places such as beaches, town plazas etc, there’s live music just about everywhere you go. Even 5 star hotel lobbies such as the El San Juan Fairmont have a tropical music night.  Soak in the sun, bask in the sounds and enjoy!

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